Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to a greener tomorrow. 

At OfficeSource, Ltd., our commitment to the environment resonates through everything we do.  Internally we have taken significant steps to reduce paper waste by encouraging electronic communication and data storage.  We are diligent to reduce our dependency on electricity and have increased our efforts to recycle paper, metal and cardboard waste.

For our customers, we support LEED, Greenguard and LEVEL initiatives.  Our furniture professionals are available to consult with customers to achieve any LEED initiative. We have strategically aligned ourselves with manufacturers that are environmentally conscious and promote earth-friendly products such as, recycled products, demountable walls and modular / movable cabinets.  Our manufacturing partners support non-obsolescence policies that allow furniture to be re-used, added to, and/or reconfigured throughout the life of the product. 

For our community, we refurbish and donate used products to non-profit organizations or institutions for re-use.  Our manufacturers make furniture to last and we are happy to donate high-quality products to organizations in need. 

For our peers, we actively sponsor continuous education seminars for Green Initiatives.  We believe that by supporting the education of our team and our peers in the industry, we can continue to grow and expand our environmental commitment.